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We are passionate about helping our customers grow their businesses and expand into new markets. Our embossing capabilities provide opportunities to transform film in a myriad of ways that enhance functionality and increase brand recognition. We have over seventy patterns to choose from, including our most popular diamond, taffeta, matte, and weave textures.


100% Custom Engineered Films

  • Gauges, widths, polymers
    • Gauges – .09 mil to 40 mil
    • Width range from 6″ to 88″
  • Colors
    • Over 100 standard colors
    • Option to match your unique color requirement
  • Emboss patterns and finishes
    • Over 500 embossing combinations
    • Can deliver unique performance and aesthetics

Standard Emboss Patterns

Custom Emboss Patterns Available
  • Patterns designed to provide release properties, aid in linear tear, clean liquid evacuation, enhanced softness, reduction of scratch, mar, and increase the caliper thickness or alter the bulk density of the film.
  • Patterns designed to replicate paper, cloth, canvas, leather, etc.

Embossing adds the finishing touch to your product, and provides additional benefits, to include:

  • More mass without the added weight
  • Allows for egress of air
  • Adhesive capabilities
  • Barrier properties
  • And more

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At Charter Next Generation, we are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. We will always have what you need – whether that’s an existing product or something that hasn’t been innovated yet.

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