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The answer is yes, what’s your question? Whether your end-use calls for monolayer, co-extruded, barrier, or cast film, we will work with you to discover the best solution. Our continuous investment in technology and our team means we’re confident in our ability to deliver – always on time, and always within budget.



  • World-class films demand world-class technology. 

    At Charter Next Generation, we invest in the most advanced technology to ensure quality and efficiency. This allows for true innovation to happen. 

  • Our films will perform; that’s our promise to our customers.

    Our dedicated team custom engineers film solutions for your exact needs. Our customers can be confident that regardless of their industries, our films will perform problem-free. 

  • Sustainability by design; that’s the Charter Next Generation way.

    We are committed to producing the least waste possible by using recyclable resins and PCR materials whenever possible. We are always raising the bar on sustainability.

Top-Quality Solutions

Reliable. Sustainable. Innovative

  • Collaboration leads to success.

    We work with our customers to develop solutions that are specific to their needs - always with innovation at the forefront.

  • We solve for sustainability.

    We design for recyclability to make films that are reliable, efficient, and contribute to a greener environment.

  • Quality you can count on.

    Our process is consistent and quality-centric, so you can be confident you’re getting the best products on the market.

  • We focus on A Better Way.

    There are many film producers, but at the end of the day, we simply do everything a little bit better. Just ask our customers.


We invest in the highest quality technologies and people to develop breakthrough innovations for todays – and tomorrow’s – market. From limitless extrusion capabilities to state-of-the-art clean rooms, our films are designed to exceed your expectations in quality, performance, and protection.

  • Blown Films

    Our blown films capabilities will blow your mind. We invest in world-class technology to produce monolayer up to eleven layers of protective film that minimizes the migration of oxygen, liquids, oils, fats and aromas for enhanced shelf life.

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  • Cast Film

    When high transparency is as important as protecting what’s inside, our R&D team will collaborate with you to produce best-in-class cast films. Our monolayer and co-extruded cast film solutions are optimal for lidding, vacuum-sealed bags, modified atmosphere packaging, and more.

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  • Embossing

    Embossing is an in-demand value-add for many cast films. By imparting a texture or pattern on a film’s surface, we can significantly enhance aesthetics, readability, slip resistance, durability, and more. 

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  • Clean Room

    Our Class 7 clean room’s HEPA filtration system establishes a safe, controlled environment to minimize dust, dirt, debris, and humidity. Air cleanliness levels are maintained at a maximum of 10,000 particles (≥0.5µm) per cubic foot.

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CNG has distribution centers across the country. Our Lexington distribution center is a state of the art, fully automated facility with an 18,000+ skid capacity of finished goods. As a result of these investments, CNG’s products arrive to our customers safe, protected, and on-time. product delivery.


We have fourteen facilities across the United States, all of which are equipped with best-quality materials, technologies, and people. Our ongoing investment across multiple locations assures our customers’ needs will always be met.

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It begins with a need and an idea. An idea that evolves into a better way. A better way to deliver your brand to your customer, and to provide a safer experience throughout the supply chain. CNG has a better idea for every application requiring a flexible film.

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At Charter Next Generation, we are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. We will always have what you need – whether that’s an existing product or something that hasn’t been innovated yet.